Throwing Stones

(updated June 10th 2000)


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Just another trading (but role-playing) dice game. I think it was the first one, but it has got very poor designed dice. This "icons" are only printed on the dice ! I think it is a dead game, though there are some links on the net telling another story. I have tried to make a list of all the dice and its faces. Please have a look at the excel list, if you are interested in. Any comments?



Here is my extra list, the number tell you how many dice you can get from me. The negative numbers indicate that I need those dice. The rarities are just guessed, based on the numbers of dice I have got. The background color indicates the color of the ID icon.

3 R Archmage
0 R Conjuror
2 R Duelist
5 U Illusionist
7 U Knight
4 U Necromancer
13 C Scout
2 R Sorcerer
10 C Thaumaturge
-2 R Warlock
5 U Witch
12 C Wizard
6 U Amazon
3 R Druid
-1 R Fool
-1 R Gladiator
13 C Hunter
1 R Paladin
1 R Rogue
5 U Ronin
8 C Thief
11 C Zoetrist

0 R Acrobat
4 U Archer
3 R Assassin
9 C Babarian
9 C Bard
1 R Jester
2 R Monk
5 U Ninja
8 C Ranger
5 U Wildman